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Marvel’s Avengers



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2020. május 15.

Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019
AVENGERS Game Release Date Trailer (E3 2019)

A topik a PC-s részre lett létrehozva, de ugyanúgy a konzolos változatok helye is, ugyanúgy lehet beszélgetni azokról a változatokról.

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Messze van még a megjelenés, de nagyon várom! :R

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Én is.

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Újabb infók!

Some additional information :

• There will be an operations base.

• Each of the five characters will have their own skill tree.

• The trees in question will be free enough to push their hero in a specific direction according to your desire to play.

• It will be possible to customize the equipment but also the costumes.

• The missions are designed to have a very good replay-value, especially by the style of each hero (you will not experience the same mission depending on whether you choose a character on the ground or one who flies).

• The game will continue to improve graphically until release.

• No, it's not a real open world. The developers preferred to choose a set of zones in order to push the variety.

• This choice will help them in the follow-up since it will be easier to add new zones (free of charge we call back) in addition to new heroes, including Ant-Man.

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• There will be an operations base.

Annyira adná magát a dolog, hogy egy Helicarrier legyen a bázisunk, de tuti nem lépik meg.

Amúgy a teljes Q&A

Can one play the game totally single player offline rather than online?

You can play just about everything by yourself if you want to. I encourage you to play with your buddies. It's so much more fun in multiplayer. But yeah, most of this stuff you can play by yourself.

How does multiplayer work?

We have a really robust campaign that you can play through. You're going to play in different levels as different superheroes to further the narrative. We're going to have a base of operations that you're going to be able to go off and play multiplayer levels or come back to the campaign.

There's a huge world to explore. From that base of operation you go through many different places. We're excited to show you all the cool places you can go to. It was way too big to complain in one space, it's multiple different areas and takes the Avengers all over the place.

Will there be a skill tree for certain characters? Will there be leveling up?

There's absolutely leveling up. Each character gets their own skill tree. What makes it cool is the way you level your character may be different than the way I level mine. I can't go into a lot of details right now, but imagine this: your Captain America can do melee and range, you might focus more on range, I might focus more on melee, my gear set could be different, my skills could be different and my outfit could be different as well. When you play you get an experience tailored to what you like.

Could you go into the ways you can customize your hero?

You can customize your hero with costumes. We've got lots of costumes to choose from for your specific hero, you can customize your skills, and the gear that you play with.

Some heroes that in some instances don't have a helmet with their costume might have a helmet with another costume. You never know, there's a lot of variety.

While it's our own take on the Avengers, we're collaborating with Marvel directly to make these characters come to life so they're going to feel familiar and you're going to see that they play the way that you'd expect.

Is it going to be story driven or a GAAS thing?

It's absolutely a story driven game and it's going to keep evolving even after launch. A cool thing about this game is you're going to see new heroes being released, you're going to see new regions at no additional fee.

Is this game going to offer replayability?

Yeah, there's places where you can run through a mission with one character and then play it again with another character for a different experience. The Iron Man and Hulk experience might be pretty different.

Is the beta only for the PS4?

Beta's for everybody. Early beta for PS4.

Will there be any improvements on the graphics quality in the game before launch?

What you saw in the demo was pre-alpha. It's going to keep improving.

Is this open world?

The game was too big to contain in one open world, so we divided it into reigions. We went for variety instead of one big city. We're going to be releasing different regions for free in the years to come.

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Jól hangzik az egész! Én nagyon bizakodó vagyok, bár eléggé Marvel fanboy is, ettől függetlenül Natasha (Black Widow) karakter desing és Iron Man mask design nekem se tetszik de nem kezdem el a #NotMyAvenger hastaggel robbantani az internetet mint a sok idióta.

Szánalmas, hogy az internet ennyire teret tud adni ennek a sok baromnak akik több száz ember munkáját szarozzák le folyamatosan és mobil grafikával és egyéb jelzőkkel illetik ezeket a játékokat.

Biztos vagyok benne, hogy Marvel telefon megy a Square fele ezek után... :(((

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Nagyon rossz minőségű gameplay. [link]


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