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    The company was founded with the primary purpose of targeting and eliminating the root cause cyber incidents. They envision a world where organic security is built line-by-line in each software, and where the very best code hygiene is ensured by shared secure coding best practices across all development teams.

    Their purpose is to secure secure coding literacy – through continuous learning plan and regular readiness drills to replace fixed and vulnerable coding habits with growth-oriented and digital risk-aware ones.

    Ultimately, they manage to help organizations to speed up secure software development and delivery both in safe and fast coding. They are offering a full variety of learning ecosystem of training, e-Learning, labs subscriptions, and a live-score, metric-based certificates.

    We welcome the application of contractors and full-time candidates also!

    Your role will be:
    • Training: Preparation of training material (slides, manuals, labs exercises, virtual machines), holding the training presentations (online or on-site at customers' premises), qualifying participants, training and mentoring other trainers, holding webinars, and having talks on secure coding at various events (for instance meetups or conferences). These activities are estimated to fill up 50% of the working hours.
    • Content development (including creation, development, and maintenance of the training material): research for information sources and analysis of information, search for case studies of security incidents; slide development with good and bad code samples. Development of the eLearning material, skill testing labs & drills.
    • Lab and framework development: Development of the unique lab framework, including gamification, reward engine and the live points. Development of labs with vulnerable applications and the ways of fixing them; design of lab exercise scenarios and the corresponding instructions given to participants. Preparation of virtual machines used to run the labs.
    • Supporting sales and marketing with technical material and expertise: participation in client calls, capturing client requirements, consulting and tailoring the training material according to the needs. Writing case study articles, blogs and whitepapers about secure coding incidents.
    • Reporting to one of the founders, the Chief Technology Officer & Lead Trainer
    • Last but not least – solving problems: due to the uniqueness of many frameworks and APIs used, you should sometimes go where none have gone before.

    Must have competencies:
    • Being a developer deep in heart (pre-existing security expertise is appreciated, yet it is not a must)
    • At least 5 years of cumulated experience in at least two of the following programming languages: C/C++, Java, C#, Python.
    • Solid presentation skills & Fluency in English including public speaking
    (speaking Hungarian is not a selection criteria)
    • Willingness to travel (max 40%), when it is safe and appropriate to travel

    It is an advantage to have:
    • Professional curiosity, open to learn new programming languages and technologies
    • Comfortable working in a fast-paced and dynamic start-up environment
    • Has internal drive to become a teacher and educator
    • Technology enthusiast: desire to excite other software professional
    • Experience in Node.JS, PHP, Ruby, Erlang, Golang, or other programming languages
    • International experience including studies or work
    • Experienced world traveler, interest in meeting new people and cultures
    • Willing to go the extra mile with a strong work ethic; self-directed and resourceful
    • Flexible with the ability to work across different time zones

    Required language skill
    High level English proficiency

    Working hours per week

    Budapest + Worldwide travelling (post-covid)

    They offer:
    • Joining an international start-up with an already impressive traction and a great pioneering global clientele that validated the product offering and turned into paying customers
    • Becoming a part of a great team of professionals all aspiring to make an impact on a better and more secure digital future and with desire to win
    • International professional exposure in a highly sought-after business area
    • Competitive compensation with rewards for outstanding customer experience
    • Flexible working environment and hours
    • Agile start-up work culture

    Required documents:
    Curriculum vitae

    Privacy Policy:

    Apply here and more information: https://bit.ly/3uD38Vz

Hozzászólok Aktív témák